Why Us

Our Focus

It’s all about You!. Your brand, your products, your message and your customers are at the core of everything that we do.

Our Passion

We understand that you want effective, out of the ordinary POP and that’s what we love to do; bring you the most innovative, unique point of purchase solutions that the world has to offer.

Our Solutions

Your brand is the hero; we can customise each solution to showcase your product or highlight your message. Our solutions meet the needs of the modern retail environment: easy set-up and small footprint to ensure compliance, but most importantly, truly disruptive: they drive the consumer to action.

Our Network

Poptastic is proud to be part of an international network represented in more than 130 countries, linked by 26 production sites, which consistently delivers innovation in retail marketing to leading companies and organisations around the world. This global partnership brings together a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to delivering the most effective POP/POS solutions, so in turn you benefit from a world of experience in retail display and merchandising.

Our Difference

Our choice to partner with reputable worldwide printers guarantees not only a superior product quality for your POS/POP solutions but also ensures that the highest ethical and environmental standards are being met. We produce our solutions with absolute confidence that the choice of raw materials and the processes of printing, recovery and waste paper recycling are environmentally focused and we can be certain that the working conditions of staff are just and fair.

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