The APP you need to monitor compliance of your POS Campaigns

It’s all about compliance…

'At the highest level, compliance of secondary displays audited showed that on average 41% of stores had the planned display, as defined by the CPG, properly executed... On average, promotions received a 90% sales lift when displays were compliantly executed. In regards to the 90% sales lift, 69% of the sales lift was attributable to pricing tactics while the remaining 21% was attributable to the presence of a compliantly executed display.'*


A new metric to better understand how much topline impact was created in respect to the cost incurred by a given display

The study found the average cost per display unit was $35.97. PPV on average was 483%. This means that for every $1 spent on a display in this study, there was an average return of $4.83 incremental sales dollars when properly executed. Floor Stands provided the most fiscally efficient vehicle measured during this study with a PPV of 700% on average.

*Source: POPAI 2014 Compliance Initiative Study